New Album on the way!

I recently discovered a genre of instrumental music that I instantly got hooked on… Post Rock. After listening to hours of different bands from all over the world I decided that I will give it a shot.

Well, here I am months later making the finishing touches on a 10 track post rock album! My plan is to release 2 singles from it in the coming months and see how they are received. If all goes well I will then release the whole album.

Lastly, if you read my previous post about obtaining a Ukulele and a Kalimba and were for some reason excited for that… I am still working on that album as well. I just finished a track that has kalimba, ukulele, a drum kit, bongos, shakers, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and keyboard as well. I have 8 songs featuring the ukulele and kalimba almost completed and I am hoping (but not trying to rush anything) to have an album with the ukulele and kalimba be released sometime this summer!

Any questions, suggestions, or comments feel free to reach out to me!

Lastly, be sure to look up MarkWhitmore Music on YouTube and subscribe! All of my songs will be released on there over time for free!


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