New Single, and Album(s) Planned

I recorded an acoustic cover of Frog’s Theme from the video game Chrono Trigger. I just need to set the date, and obtain the rights to release it. More information on the release coming soon!

I am currently finishing up my next album! This one will be blues / rock. I just need to put the finishing touches on the songs (name them, adjust volumes, stuff like that) and then I will schedule it to be released!

Considering that doing those steps tend to be the least fun, I also started recording for the album after this one. I recently acquired a Ukulele and Kalimba. I have never played either of them so I am currently learning the ropes, but still managed to get 4 songs recorded so far using those instruments.

Lastly, I created a Mark Whitmore Music YouTube channel where I will be uploading songs. I also collaborated with Zachary Zocchi and he is currently working a music video for Hayleigh’s Song!

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